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We’re asking for fair regulations and an open and transparent public decision making process on the part of our elected leaders.

New Mexico is facing an unprecedented crisis on multiple fronts. With the rapid spread of the outbreak, the state-wide call for social distancing is proper. These life-saving measures are necessary.

We value life and must work diligently to preserve it. However, these mitigation efforts will undoubtedly result in an economic crisis. Combined with the collapse in crude oil prices which fund 40% of New Mexico’s economy, our State faces unprecedented economic and budget challenges for the foreseeable future.

One thing is definite: New Mexico remains united in defeating coronavirus. I have never witnessed a coming together of the entirety of the state in the way that I’ve seen in the last three weeks. But some of our greatest challenges lie ahead.

We must also unite in defeating the economic scourge that will plague us long after the coronavirus threat has been eliminated. And recovery must start today.

We’re not asking for the easing of regulations,

we’re asking for fair regulations.

Here are some ideas to Fairly Open New Mexico:

  • Allow small businesses to reopen at the same standards applied to box stores.
  • A detailed plan for reopening including health criteria to be used for businesses to reopen. This should be a public document.
    • This plan should recognize not all counties are the same and the plan should include scientific reasoning upon which restrictions are being based.
  • Governor Lujan Grisham and her Administration should immediately share the models upon which they are basing their quarantine/business restriction decisions.
  • The Governor should hold virtual-meetings to answer questions with county commissions and local leaders across the State.
  • The Governor should outline her budget and economic policy recommendations for the upcoming special session as well as any cuts she has already made to the State government.

I agree! I want to sign the letter requesting that the Governor institute fair regulations for all businesses.

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